Man Beaten With Pool Cue During Home Invasion

Two separate home invasions around the city left a man and woman hurt and cleaning up their homes.

Around 3 a.m. a man was partying with a woman at his house along the 1600 block of Porter Street in South Philadelphia when two men burst into the home, beat the man with a pool cue and stole thousands of dollars in cash, according to Philadelphia Police.

“Two males came into the house and they started beating him up -- they had a pool stick, they used some of the pool balls – and they beat him about the head and robbed him,” said police Capt. Llewellyn Frank.

The men made off with $8,000 in cash. The victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition with head injuries.

Investigators say the woman may have been an accomplice of the attackers.

Across the city along the 5400 block of N 5th Street in Olney, a man who pushed in an air conditioning unit woke up a woman and dragged her out of bed, according to police.

The man then led the 42-year-old woman downstairs where he opened the door to allow in two other masked men. The men then beat the woman, ransacked her home before making off with about $1,000 cash and a loaded gun.


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Police planned to search area surveillance in both incidents.

Anyone with information should contact Philadelphia Police.

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