Radnor Family Tied Up, Gagged During Home Invasion

Radnor Township police are searching for three armed men who threatened a family during a late night home invasion.

A Radnor Township man, his wife and adult daughter were tied up and gagged by three armed men during a home invasion late Wednesday night.

Investigators told NBC10 the man and his adult daughter arrived at their home on the 100 block of Brooklea Street in Rosemont around 11:30 p.m. and as they entered the home the masked men forced their way inside.

The suspects forced the man to open a safe, threatened the lives of the mother and daughter and tied up the family, said police.

The daughter, who does not want to be identified, spoke with NBC10.

"They had us lied own on the kitchen floor and asked us where the money and cash was," said the daughter. "They questioned my mom separately because apparently she was the only one who knew the safe account. They tied our hands, our feet and they gagged us. Later they carried and dragged us to the basement."

The suspects ransacked the house and got away with a substantial amount of cash, according to investigators.

The victims were able to break free of their restraints and call police around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday. They were not seriously injured.

"We're fine," said the daughter. "All three of us are not injured so we're just thankful for that."

Investigator told NBC10 they suspect the father, a dentist from China, was targeted.

"The Asian business owners are targeted from time to time because they are known to have cash on hand in the residence," said Acting Lieutenant Andy Block of the Radnor Township Police Department.

The father says he is grateful to be alive.

"I really value my life," said the man. "I'm still alive today."

Police continue to investigate.

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