Hoagies on the Go: Wawa to Add 1st Drive-Thru to Planned NJ Store

Wawa recently filed for and received approval to add drive-thru to the new Westampton location which has a lot large enough to allow for traffic flow

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Wawa is set to add its first drive-thru service to a planned store in Westampton, New Jersey, as part of a test run for other possible locations. 

A spokesperson for Wawa did not give a specific date for when the Westampton store will open but said it should happen before the end of the year. 

The drive-thru service is part of Wawa’s new initiatives allowing for new ways to access stores amid the coronavirus pandemic. The drive-thru will be available from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and will feature a limited menu of items including coffee, sizzlis, built-to-order hoagies, soups, sides and smoothies. 

“Wawa continues to test new store concepts with the latest being drive-thru, providing an opportunity for our customers to still experience and enjoy their favorite Wawa products while remaining inside their vehicle,” Terri Micklin, Wawa’s head of Construction, said. “Steps such as these are critical in providing new ways to access Wawa, increase convenience and provide new options for service.”

The service will run between the store and the fuel canopy. It will also include menu boards, queuing for up to 19 vehicles and a pick-up area. 

“We are hoping to learn from the layout, workflow and traffic flow at this location, as we continue to explore alternatives for longer term application to our stores post-COVID-19,” Micklin said.

“We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Westampton officials, who are providing us with the support to enable us to quickly modify the plans, add the drive thru features, and continue the project with the goal of opening this new store before year end.” 

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