Caught on Cam: Hit-and-Run Car Strikes Motorcycle, Man, Woman Hurt

A man and woman are recovering after they were both struck in a hit-and-run crash that was caught on camera.

The 20-year-old man was riding a motorcycle while his 21-year-old friend was sitting in the back around 2:30 p.m. at Saint Vincent Street in Northeast Philadelphia. As the man made a right turn onto Castor Avenue he was suddenly struck by a vehicle that ran a red light, according to Giedrius Virketis, the victim’s stepfather. Video from an NBC10 viewer captured the vehicle, which appears to be a 4-door Honda Civic, flee the scene moments after the crash. 

“Maybe they need help,” Virketis said. “Maybe you need to take them to the hospital. But you just don’t leave a human being on the ground and just run away.” 

The motorcyclist was knocked unconscious in the crash and suffered a broken bone in his face. His passenger was thrown off the motorcycle and suffered a broken leg. Fortunately both victims were wearing helmets. The motorcyclist was treated and released from the hospital. The 21-year-old woman remains hospitalized however. 

No arrests have been made. 

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