Higher $%*&ing Bills!

Phila. Water Department announced rate hike

Will we ever catch a freakin’ break in Philly?  By July 2011, homeowners will be paying $163 more a year for water.  That’s a 27 percent increase over the next three years, the Water Department announced.

A four-phase rate hike will begin November 1.  So, the average $49.35 monthly water bill you’re used to paying will go up to $52.84, Water Commissioner Bernard Brunwasser said.

But, by July 2011, expect your monthly bill to read closer to $62.93, which amounts to $162.96 annually.

The new rates are to offset rising costs of fuel, chemicals, employee benefits, regulatory demands and debt service.  And, the added revenue will go toward protecting water quality, waterways, and improving storm-water management, the Water Department said.

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