Hey Delaware, Slow Down!

The state is cracking down on speeding, wants you to “arrive alive”

Getty Images

Delaware drivers beware. For the third year in a row, the state is cracking down on aggressive driving.

The Office of Highway Safety is focusing on reducing the amount of aggressive drivers on the road, according to the Delaware state website. The central theme of the campaign is speed reduction, as it factored in one-third of fatal crashes in 2009.

Additional officers will be assigned to target areas, for both state and municipal police, authorities said. They will primarily go after speeders, but also those who drink and drive along with running red lights, refusing to yield, etc.

The public awareness campaign, Stop Speeding Before It Stops You, strongly encourages drivers to not only reduce their speed, but to curb other forms of aggressive driving such as tailgating and failing to yield.

In June, the campaign takes the angle on how much speeding will truly cost you. This ranges from taking someone’s life to high insurance rates to points on your license.

So next time you’re cruising down I-95, think before you speed.

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