Hershey Hospital Sorry for Telling Patients With Multiple Sclerosis to Get Care Elsewhere

A Pennsylvania hospital is apologizing for a letter it sent to patients with multiple sclerosis telling them to seek care elsewhere because of the recent departure of four doctors.

Penn State Health sent the apology letter Monday, telling patients that it remains committed to multiple sclerosis treatment at its hospital in Hershey despite the staffing issues. It says it has organized a team to help patients in the short-term and is looking to rebuild the department long-term.

On April 17, the health system sent a letter to 2,100 neurology patients advising them to seek alternate care options for multiple sclerosis.

“We should have assured you that despite these staffing challenges, our practice remains open to you—whether you are an MS patient or are being seen for some other neurological concern," Department of Neurology leaders said Monday.

"Our staff is committed to working with you and your family to make sure your care needs are met. In our haste to get you this information about the care we provide to you, we neglected our larger role of caring for you. For that, we want to say we are sorry."

Two of the departing doctors took new jobs, and two retired.

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