Help Give Ivy a “Dog's Day Off”

Ivy works 24/7 -- literally. This service dog never gets a day off. But with a fundraiser for Canine Partners for Life (CPL), Ivy could get out of her harness and enjoy a full day of R&R.

Ivy and Samantha Lorey, 25, of Gibbsboro, N.J. are inseparable -- not only because of the service Ivy provides, but because they’re best friends.

Samantha has Spinal Muscular Dystrophy and as she gets older, her muscles continue to weaken. She now has limited use of her arms. But after being paired up with Ivy through CPL, the past five years have allowed Samantha to be more independent.

“I’m able to more things on my own, do things by myself. I don’t need so have someone with me all the time,” Samantha said.

Ivy can do anything from paying for items in a store, putting things back into Samantha’s pocket or bag, carrying a book bag, opening doors and retrieving things like the TV remote.

“I could ask her to retrieve something 15 times and she wouldn’t complain,” Samantha said.

Ivy learned her skills through CPL based in Cochranville, Pa. The organization places service, home and residential companion dogs with people suffering from diseases like multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, autism and ALS.

The only downside? Because these pooches are extremely important in assisting their companion’s lives each day, they don’t have the chance to just be a dog.

And yes, if you’re wondering, service dogs do get a few hours each day of free time, but a whole day off to enjoy playing ball and belly rubs would be fantastic, according to Samantha.

So, CPL’s Dog’s Day Off fundraiser could give Ivy the full day of pampering she’s been waiting patiently for.

Samantha is raising $2,000 for the organization and if she meets her goal, Ivy gets a pawsitively wonderful vacation on August 15. This is part of a nationwide fundraiser for all of CPL’s helpful pups.

You can make Ivy’s wish come true and help a great cause by donating online.

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