Retired State Trooper Crashes Chopper, Dies

Doug Brigham flew the chopper in and out of his backyard and it crashed in the neighborhood where he lived

A retired Pennsylvania State Trooper crashed his helicopter in the Bucks County neighborhood where he lived on Wednesday morning. Doug Brigham flies in and out of his backyard in Tinicum Township and this morning, around 7 a.m., the chopper went down in a fiery crash on Uhlerstown Hill Road, just a few hundred feet from his home, killing Brigham.

Rescue crews and police are on the scene and so is the Federal Aviation Administration, which will investigate if this morning low cloud cover was a factor in the crash.

Brigham was a retired corporal with the Pennsylvania State Police, a member of the local fire company that responded to his crash and a member of the Tinicum Township's Department of Emergency Management, according investigators. He was also a volunteer pilot for Patient Airlift Services. He worked for a company called Catalyst Aviation.

Brigham once flew NBC10's own Vai Sikahema and Eagles coach Andy Reid to a benefit in the Poconos in May 2011.

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