Montgomery County Official Shoots Alleged Bank Robber in Business Complex Parking Lot After Foot Chase

A bank robbery and foot chase left police in Montgomery County focusing their investigation on the parking lot of a commercial complex Wednesday morning.

The incident began with a bank robbery of the TD Bank on S York Road in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, said Hatboro Police.

"He entered the bank with a note," said Montgomery County First Assistant Attorney Kevin Steele. "It indicated that if he wasn't delivered money he was going to start shooting." 

As the robber came out of the bank, a dye pack exploded catching the attention of a Hatboro official, said police.

The official then took off after the robber, chasing him through nearby woods and into the parking lot of Station Park -- about 1/4 mile away at Warminster and Byberry roads -- shortly before 11 a.m., said investigators.

While in the parking lot, the official opened fire on the robbery suspect striking him in the arm and hand. The suspect was then taken into police custody.

Investigators say they have not recovered a weapon from the suspect even though he allegedly threatened to open fire. Police are interviewing the official who fired the gun and say he had a legal permit to carry it. They're currently trying to determine whether or not he was justified in using it. 

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