Snow May Mean Dining Deals at Your Neighborhood Restaurant

Despite the fact that the region has been pummeled with snow storm after snow storm this winter, Manayunk native and business owner Derek Davis says that, as long as the customers continue coming in, his restaurant will be open for business. In fact, he says he welcomes snow days like today because they make his clients more cheerful.

"People who are out and about today are in a good mood because they don't have to work today," Davis said. "I learned a long time ago not to get upset over things I can't change."

Derek's Restaurant is located on Main Street in the heart of the Manayunk district.

One thing that Davis can't change is the fact that many of Manayunk's roads are hilly and often difficult for city workers to navigate plows through when it snows. Though he's very optimistic about his restaurant's ability to maintain patrons through the inclement weather, Davis admitted that the snow has had some effect on business.

"Business was down two percent over last year in January, and that's definitely due to the snow," he said.

Brendan McGrew owns Bourbon Blue, an American and New Orleans-inspired restaurant in the Manayunk district. He says he's seen a definite decrease in business this winter.

"We've seen a decrease in business by about 30- to 40-percent on snow days. I think because Manayunk is such an older town, it's a lot harder for plows to get up and down those side streets and that's where a lot of people look to park if they go out," McGrew said.

Both Davis and McGrew say they've been going the extra mile to entice customers to come in when it snows. Davis said special offers like $5 burgers, margaritas and mojitos reeled in as many as 25 customers during lunch hour on Monday, despite the foot of snow that fell in some areas, creating a messy commute.

McGrew said his employees hit social media a little harder on snow days by sending messages online -- or even sending phone text messages to regular customers -- to make sure they know that the restaurant is still open.

As the region braces for yet another winter storm on Tuesday night, Davis says snow days are all a part of the game.

"I've been here for 23 years, so I know, it all averages out. Of course, your business is gonna be off when the weather is crappy, but we get a lot more good weather days in a year than we get bad weather days," Davis said.

"In the 23 years I've been closed, weather related maybe two or three times, but not this year. People can get here, its a very walkable neighborhood. People expect you to be there for them."

McGrew said he hopes any future snow storms come early in the week, and not on Saturday, the restaurant's busiest day of the week. That aside, McGrew says he's just looking forward to warmer days in spring.

"Spring is an opening of flood gates. People who have been cramped in all winter, they want to get out," he said. "I fully believe that come spring it will fully pay us back."

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