Hannah Banana's Clear the Shelters Success

The Christopher Family found a new ‘furever’ friend at last year’s Clear the Shelters event, and the family can’t remember life without their four-legged companion.

The Christophers adopted Hannah, an abused and abandoned Pit Bull, who was rescued by the Delaware County SPCA. Now, Hannah has made a home with the Christophers and their other dog, Bully.

“We call her the love bug,” said Gerry Christopher. “She’ll lick you to death and she’s very forceful with hugs, she’ll put her head right up against you and hug you.”

Hannah has become a perfect edition to the Christopher family. Along with all of the love she gives her owners, she also has fun playing tag and running around the yard with Bully.

“Every morning she’s gotta get petted,” said Steven Christopher. “She’s a great dog, she really is.”

The Christophers say that rescuing Hannah was one of the best decisions they’ve made, and that every animal they have ever gotten from a shelter has been wonderful.

"I honestly would adopt four more if I could," says Gerry.

The Christophers are thankful for all the kisses and hugs Hannah has given them and are happy to have made a new friend for life. 

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