Handcuffed Suspect Breaks Free, Drags Officers With Car

Missing man under house arrest

Two officers were dragged 15 feet along the street after a handcuffed suspect punched and kicked them, and then sped off in his silver Chevy Impala sedan.  

Philadelphia police officers Vitanovitz and Cangelosi stopped Allan Thomas at 200 S. 48th Street Friday night for a motor vehicle violation.  

During their investigation, they could smell the scent of marijuana coming from the vehicle.  As Thomas was asked to exit the vehicle and the officers attempted to handcuff him, Thomas began to push, punch and kick the officers several times in the chest and belly.

During the ensuing struggle, Thomas broke free, dashed into his Impala and "gunned" it car while dragging both officers along.

Vitanovitz and Cangelosi lost sight of the car as it turned eastbound on Locust Street.

Thomas's car was late found unoccupied in the 200 block of South Farragut Street.

Cangelosi was not injured; Vitanovitz suffered a scrape to his knee.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police by dialing 911, 215-686-TIPS(8477), or Southwest Detectives at 215-686-3183/84.

Thomas was driving a silver, 2004 Chevy Impala Sedan with PA tag number HCT-2649.

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