New Jersey

Halloween Display of Bloody Hanging Baby Dolls Sparks Controversy

Scary decorations have always been an essential part of Halloween. Yet some residents of a South Jersey community believe one woman took things too far when she put up a display of baby dolls hanging from a rope.

Merry Krueger of Bellmawr, New Jersey, insists her decorations, which her children helped her put up, are all in good fun and in the spirit of the holiday.

“This is our favorite holiday and we decorate every single year,” Krueger said. “We repurposed old dolls instead of throwing them out. Apparently everyone has a problem with that.”

The display outside Krueger’s Wilson Avenue home features three baby dolls covered in fake blood while hanging from nooses. Some of her neighbors, including Toni Flaherty, believe the decorations are too disturbing.

“I just think they could’ve done without those baby dolls hanging because it’s frightening to children,” Flaherty said.

Krueger told NBC10 she doesn’t understand the controversy however.

“I just don’t know why baby dolls covered in sharpie is a bad thing,” she said.

Krueger said the dolls have been up for three weeks and she hasn’t heard any complaints until recently.

“It’s just ridiculous to be honest,” she said.

Krueger admits her decorations are different from others being displayed on her block. She also told NBC10 she would have taken the dolls down if her neighbors had simply went up to her and asked. Now however, despite the negative feedback, Krueger won't take them down until Halloween is over.

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