Man Suspected of Shooting 3 Wilmington Police Officers Found Dead

The officers were on 25th and Market streets in Wilmington, Delaware, when a gunman opened fire Wednesday night

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Three Wilmington, Delaware, police officers were injured after a gunman opened fire on them late Wednesday night, leading to an hourslong SWAT standoff that left a neighborhood on edge and the suspected gunman dead.

The officers were responding to a call for service at the King Plaza Apartments at 25th and Market streets when a gunman inside an apartment opened fire. Three officers were shot and taken to the hospital. Officials said all three were in stable condition and one was released from the hospital Thursday.

A man accused of shooting three police officers, leading to an hourslong standoff, was found dead inside an apartment in Wilmington, Delaware. NBC10's Stephanía Jiménez has the details.

The Wilmington Police Department identified the suspect as Bernard Goodwyn, 31. Police were able to enter the apartment Thursday morning, where they said they found Goodwyn dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot.

Police said they had responded to a 911 call about a domestic disturbance around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and tried to make contact with Goodwyn. As they entered the apartment, he opened fire, the WPD said.

A neighbor told NBC10 that she heard the about 10 to 15 shots Wednesday night and looked outside to see what was going on.

"I saw a Wilmington police officer carrying another Wilmington police officer. He laid him down on the street in front of his police car; it looked like they started to work on him," Arlene Beard said, adding that other officers then rushed in with shields to protect their grounded colleague.

A SWAT team and police surrounded the apartment building and residents were told to stay away from the complex and shelter in place. The standoff continued by daybreak Thursday.

The WPD said they tried negotiating with Goodwyn for about 12 hours before entering the room where he was located and finding him dead.

Shortly after 10:30 a.m., the WPD issued a statement saying there was no longer an "immediate threat to the public" and lifted its shelter in place order. The department said the investigation was ongoing.

Sen. Chris Coons issued a statement saying he was praying for the wounded officers and was thankful their condition was stable. "I’m grateful for their service and thinking about the first responders and the residents of Wilmington impacted by this tragic incident," he said.

For hours overnight, armed officers could be seen surrounding the building, focusing their attention on windows on the third floor.

After 6:15 a.m., SWAT officers could be seen using the raised ladder of a fire truck to enter the upper floor of the apartment. They then led what appeared to be a young child and two women from a window they had been focusing on for hours.

NBC10's Randy Gyllenhaal reports as a woman and a young child are led down a fire truck ladder hours after a gunman shot three Wilmington, Delaware, police officers.
A neighbor tells NBC10's Miguel Martinez-Valle what she heard and saw as police officers were shot in Wilmington, Delaware, Wednesday night.

It was a tense night for everyone in the area as they were told to stay in their homes.

"Those located in the area between 23rd Street and 27th Street, from West Street to Carter Street, are asked to shelter in place and await further instructions from police," Wilmington police police said a statement overnight.


Wilmington's City Council called the ordeal a "dark chapter" in a statement released on Thursday.

"To the Wilmington Police Department and all agencies who responded and were involved in the standoff, we thank you for honoring your commitment to protect and serve," they wrote. "Our thoughts are with our members of law enforcement, the victims, and Wilmington residents who are grappling with the traumatic events so close to home."

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