Police Gun Range Too Noisy for Some Montco Neighbors

Getty Images

East Vincent Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania recently opened a new law enforcement only gun range. Neighbors aren't thrilled.

The gun range currently has officers and other personnel completing mandatory qualifications. It's located on Dairy Road behind the township's sewer plant and some residents in the Royersford section of Limerick Township complained about the noise.

Last week, Limerick Township Police Department administrators met with the East Vincent Township Police and discussed ways to reduce the noise.

East Vincent Township is working on sound reduction measures.

The gun range is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. But the police department said they'll try and limit the early morning and evening schedule.

There are also dates when the gun range will not be in use and as winter approaches, overall use may be reduced.

Royersford Borough Police Department also updated residents that they also met with the East Vincent Township Police Department.

Some residents are on the side of the East Vincent Township Police arguing they deal with train horns at all hours, fire sirens and horns, as well as gunshots from hunters -- and the gunshots from the range shouldn't affect anything, and that first responders need practice.

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