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Kid Arrested After Drivers Had Windows Smashed Along NJ Road

Rocks were thrown at vehicles on multiple occasions on the same road in Medford and Medford Lakes. On Wednesday, police arrested a boy after the latest car was hit.

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What to Know

  • A boy was arrested after police say he threw a rock at a moving car, causing a window to shatter. It's the latest in a series of window-smashing incidents in Burlington County, New Jersey.
  • The incidents have occurred along Tuckerton Road on the Medford / Medford Lakes border.
  • At least one victim described the uncertain moments she felt after her window was smashed in.

A boy was arrested late Wednesday after police say he threw a rock at a moving car, causing a window to explode along a Burlington County, New Jersey, road.

This window-smashing is the latest in a string of similar incidents along Tuckerton Road in the towns of Medford and Medford Lakes in recent weeks.

No one was hurt in Wednesday night's incident. Medford Township Police Chief Rich Meder said his officers already doing extra patrol in the area found a group of children "younger than teens" after the incident.

Investigators determined that one of the children had thrown the rock, police said. That boy was also responsible for other rock-throwing incidents on Feb. 4 and Feb. 13, police said.

The boy was turned over to his parents and charges are pending.

Last Thursday, Macy Kemble was taking a short ride home from work when a stone came flying through the passenger side window of her car. The projectile shattered the window and hit her in the arm.

“My window shattered all over me,” Kemble said. “I initially thought an animal came through because I didn’t see anything. There was just glass everywhere.”

Kemble told NBC10 she was too scared to get out and see what hit her.

“I was about five minutes from home,” she said. “I just death gripped the steering wheel and was like, ‘Get home. Get home. Get home.’”

When Kemble arrived home, her father found a rock in the backseat of her vehicle.

Kemble reported the incident to police and soon learned she wasn’t alone. On Feb. 4 at 7:20 p.m. a family of four was inside a vehicle traveling along Tuckerton Road in Medford, New Jersey, when a rock smashed into their backseat window. No one was hurt during that incident. The family pulled over and called police.

Police warned that these recent incidents could have been worse.

“You’ve seen cases nationally where people have thrown objects at vehicles and caused major tragedies where multiple lives are lost,” Medford Police Lt. Art Waterman. “Overpasses, things of that nature. This is along the same lines. We cannot tolerate that type of behavior.”

Investigators said there may have been additional incidents and are encouraging anyone who had an object thrown at their vehicle while on Tuckerton Road to come forward.

If you have any information on the incidents, please call Medford Township Police or Medford Lakes Police.

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