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Group Ambushes Football Team, Attacks Player

A Philadelphia high school football team was ambushed — and one of the players viciously attacked —by a group of about 15 girls and boys as they stepped onto the field to begin their practice Thursday afternoon.

"I was grabbed," said the 17-year-old Benjamin Franklin High School junior. "They were punching and kicking me."

The victim says that the group ambushed him and his teammates as they stepped onto the football field at 18th and Mount Vernon in the Spring Garden section of the city. One of the girls even went so far as to use a Taser to subdue the teen.

"My body just numbed up and I couldn't control my arms or legs," he said. "I felt like I was paralyzed."

His teammates were able to escape the attack.

Police were able to get to the field quickly and arrested a girl they believe used the stun gun on the football player.

Now, they're looking for the rest of the group.

The victim, who has a few bruises and a black eye, says he isn't sure why he and his teammates were targeted.

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