Do You Recognize Guy Who Shot Grandma Carrying Groceries Home?

Philadelphia Police hope that surveillance video of a sedan speeding away from the scene after a robber shot a 75-year-old grandmother carrying her groceries home in the face on New Year's Eve will help them nab their suspect.

But, after a week without an arrest, a reward was announced and a sketch was released in hopes that someone would come for forward with information on the "heinous" attack.[[365458961, C]]

"You take a lady who's 75 years old, she's fighting you for her pocketbook and you shoot her in the face -- I don't think there's anything more heinous than that," said Northeast Detectives' Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum during a news conference last week. [[364568781, C]]

Police said the senior citizen was walking along the driveway between Erdrick and Montague streets near Wellington, in Mayfair, on her way home from the ShopRite on Frankford Avenue just before 10 a.m. on New Year's Eve when she was accosted by the gunman, who shot her once in the cheek and stole her purse full of cash and her cellphone before taking off in a silver or white, 2004 to 2006 Nissan Maxima with some front grill damage and a sunroof.

The victim's daughter Edie Ritchie said her mother, who still works, had just cashed a paycheck before going out to grab groceries.

Before pulling the trigger, the man -- described as being in his late 20s to early 30s with black hair; standing around 5-feet, 10 inches tall; and weighing between 220 to 240 pounds; who wore a red knit cap and sported a trimmed beard -- told the woman "I'll shoot you," police said.[[364517391, C]]

"She struggled with him and he pulled her into the car, during that course of action she was shot in the face," said Rosenbaum. "Luckily it wasn't life-threatening, it was a through-and through shot."

Police said the man dragged the victim for a few feet before speeding off.

Incredibly, after being shot, the victim managed to continue walking and make it back to her home about two and half blocks away, where she put away her groceries before calling for family for help, police said. The family then called 911. [[363948211, C]]

"This is a very strong woman," said Rosenbaum.

The woman continues to recover from the bullet wound to her right cheek.

The Citizens Crime Commission kicked in $1,000 to go with a $5,000 reward from the fraternal order of police in hopes of capturing the man wanted for robbery and aggravated assault.

Anyone with information in the shooting should contact Northeast Detectives at 215-686-3153/54. If you spot the suspect you should consider him dangerous and should call 911, said police. Tips can also be sent to the crime commission at 215-546-TIPS of police at 215-686-TIPS.

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