Gov. Corbett a Fan of Mo'ne Davis

Dressed head-to-toe in Taney Dragons gear, governor Tom Corbett wondered aloud about Mo’ne Davis’ future.

“She’s out there pitching and she’s doing a great job,” he said. “And I’m thinking, is she going to go into professional baseball? I don’t know. She’s playing as well as any of the kids right now.”

Corbett was in the crowd Friday afternoon for the Taney Dragons’ 4-0 win over South Nashville, their first game of the Little League World Series (see story). Davis pitched a complete-game shutout, the first girl in the Series’ history to do so.

When she heard what the governor had to say, that even he could see her playing in the major leagues, Davis was floored.

“It’s very crazy,” she said. “If I do stay into baseball, hopefully I can be a professional pitcher.”

Davis struck out eight in Friday’s effort (see Instant Replay), allowing only two hits in a game her mother LaKeisha McLean said “blew [her] away.”

Corbett agreed.

“She’s got nice delivery,” he said. “I wouldn’t want to be trying to hit her.”

Davis has become somewhat of a superstar over the past few weeks, especially here in Williamsport. Practically every morning TV show has interviewed her. ESPN’s done segments on her. Professional athletes have tweeted encouragements at her by the dozen (see story).

So far, though, she’s kept it all from affecting her on the field. And that's impressed the governor.

“It’s a lot pressure on her she seems to be handling very, very well,” Corbett said. “Very mature for her age.”

Davis, whose best sport is basketball, isn’t lacking for athletic achievement. But being on this stage, playing in front of thousands of fans -- and Corbett -- tops them all.

At least for now, she said.

“Right now, it probably ranks No. 1, because I’m at the Little League World Series and that’s a big accomplishment,” she said. “To have the governor watch me play was really cool."

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