Got Questions for PECO?

Last week's ice storm knocked out power to more than 700,000 customers across the Philadelphia region. About 14,000 PECO customers remain without power on the 6th day after the storm. Governor Tom Corbett compared the ice storm to the conditions experienced during Superstorm Sandy.

This has proved to be a trying time for customers and households who remain without power. Besides when will your power be back on, what questions do you have for PECO?

Post your questions to the NBC10 Facebook Page. A PECO representative will be in the NBC10 studio answering your questions Monday afternoon.

A mid-week Nor'easter will bring more snow. The storm event will come just one week after the ice storm. The temperature will play an important role in determining the snow-fate of much of the area. The mercury will be in below freezing on Wednesday and then rise into the upper 30s throughout the storm. The faster that happens, the faster the changeover to rain will begin -- limiting snowfall amounts. But, that may cause other issues like flooding.

With the Nor'easter pending, the volume of snow and wintry conditions could result in additional power outages. This winter season and its conditions is not leaving the area any time soon.

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