David Chang

Woman Helps Save Driver Suffering From Medical Emergency in Cheltenham Township

“Something just told me to stay behind her and see what happens."

A woman who suffered a medical emergency while driving is still alive thanks to the quick actions of a mother as well as responding police officers.

Amber Lynn Weithoner was driving with her daughters along Route 73 in Cheltenham Township back on Feb. 7 when she spotted another woman in front of her driving erratically and swerving.

Weithoner then called police and stayed on the phone with dispatchers until Cheltenham Police officers responded to the scene.

“Just her concern for the driver,” Nancy Bangert, the emergency dispatcher, told NBC10. “That the driver was okay. She was getting worried that there was a physical problem or something wrong with the driver. That they were sick.”

The responding officers eventually got the woman to stop and discovered she was having a diabetic emergency. Police took her to the hospital. Investigators say Weithoner’s call may have saved the woman’s life.

“Something just told me to stay behind her and see what happens,” Weithoner said. “Really great relief that they were able to react so quickly.”

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