NJ Golf Course Deals With Aggressive Swans

Two mute swans have reportedly chased golfers at a course in Washington Township

If you’re easily distracted on the golf course, you might want to skip the 13th hole of the Wedgwood County Club in Washington Township.

If not, then you'd have more than just high winds to worry about. You'd also have to deal with two adult mute swans that live on the course.

Measuring 125 to 170 centimeters in length, mute swans are known for being extremely aggressive in defense of their nest, something that golfers at Wedgwood know all too well.

Several golfers have claimed that the swans chased them down the fairway, according to upi.com.

So why does the course keep the angry birds around? Despite the rocky relationship, the golfers and the swan still have a common enemy, geese.

The swans are even more aggressive toward their biological family members, known for attacking geese whenever they come near their territory.

As much of a nuisance that they may be, the course would much rather deal with two cranky swans than nasty goose droppings.

The swans are owned by 77-year-old Shirley Falls. An avid bird lover, Falls was given the swans by her children as a gift.

Philly.com reports that after her husband died in 1994, Shirley spotted a swan landing on a satellite dish in her backyard.

It was the first time she had ever seen a swan, and she’s been in love ever since. Falls decided to keep the swans on the 13th hole of the golf course, which her home overlooks.

Despite golfers complaining about the swan’s aggressiveness, which Falls isn’t a stranger to herself, she still defends her decision to keep them on the course.

Falls claims that just like any proud homeowner, they’re merely trying to protect their territory.

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