If Your Gnome is Missing…

Police want to reunite 75 gnomes with their rightful owners after senior prank

Seniors at Ocean City High School go out with the giggles when they graduate Friday. For their senior prank, a group of kids left a village of gnomes on the school's front lawn.

Students pulled off the caper the day before graduation, assembling a village of 75 gnomes. Apparently they put a little thought into their art.

"They were strategically placed in the landscaping -- neatly and professionally," Lt. Steven Ang told the Press of Atlantic City.

"It was actually very creative and in good spirit," said Principal Matthew Jamison. "Of course, the school certainly doesn't condone stealing private property."

No one on the investigating side knows yet where the gnomes came from because no one has called police to say their little garden friend is missing.

The eight students involved were all wearing dark hoodies to conceal their identities but a school security camera caught them in the act. When police questioned the seniors, "most exercised their constitutional right not to speak to police," said Ang.

Police suspect the gnomes were taken from yards in Cape May County but right now they're treating it as a prank.

"We're trying to keep it in perspective," Ang said.

So if you're missing a gnome, you can rescue it from the impound yard off Tennessee Avenue.

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