Clear the Shelters

Gloucester Co. Clear the Shelters Adoption Application Deadline is Coming Up

Time is running out. The Gloucester County Animal Shelter pre-adoption application deadline is coming up for Clear the Shelters day, an day that shelters across the region often waive their adoption fees to encourage pet adoption.

The Gloucester County Animals Shelter is ensuring that, in the rush and excitement of the day, every animal truly goes home to the family it belongs with.

Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger says, “Completing and submitting your adoption application early will help you get pre-approved so that you are able to take your new family member home on Clear the Shelters Day.”

Adopting a pet means saving that animal and allowing more room in the shelter for the next animal to come through, but for the Gloucester County Animal Shelter pre-adoption applications are due by August 16.

Because “Determining what kind of animal you are looking to adopt can be a hard decision,” Freeholder Dan Christy, liaison to the Animal Shelter is also recommending that potential adopters come and check out the animals before the big adoption day.

“To ensure you find a pet that fits your lifestyle and will serve as your perfect companion, we encourage you to visit the Gloucester County Animal Shelter before the event to see all the animals available for adoption.”

Get a pre-adoption application or call 856-881-2828 ext. 1 for details.

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