NBC10 Weather Blog: Nor’easter Washes Out Saturday, but Mother’s Day Looks Better

A wet Nor’easter the First Alert NBC10 Weather team had been forecasting hit the region Friday evening as rain drenched the area. The heaviest rain fell Saturday morning, and lasted through the evening hours. Record rainfall for May 13 fell in the Philadelphia region, with more than 1.6 inches.

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A Kearny Mesa shopper is caught in the rain Friday.
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Still on track, but faster
Sometimes doing a 10-day forecast is very hard, but this time it’s been the same thing day after day. We hope that has helped many of you plan around it. The only significant change is that the storm will move faster than it looked a few days ago. That is good news for Mother’s Day.
Here is a look at one computer model's projection for the storm center at 2 p.m. The deeper greens and yellows indicate the heaviest rain. Because the storm center is farther out to sea, the gusts will not be as much of a threat. Still, it will be windy. Gusts up to 30 mph are forecast for Philadelphia and surrounding neighborhoods, gusts up to 40 mph are possible along the shore.
There isn’t much hope in salvaging any part of Saturday -- it looks like a washout. But it won’t be that way Sunday.
The storm moves out overnight, but the gusty conditions will remain. Here's the same model at 10 pm. Just some light lingering rain remains across the area. By the time the system exits to the northeast, totals should range 1"-2" of rainfall for Philadelphia, and surrounding areas. The Jersey Shore could see localized spots of up to 3" of rain.
Mother's Day Less Nasty
nMother's Day looks better than Saturday, although not perfect. Temperatures will take a quick climb from the low to mid 50s forecast Saturday afternoon, to the upper 60s and near 70s expected Sunday afternoon.
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Gusts will still be strong, up to 35 mph. Scattered afternoon showers are possible, although it will mostly be light rain or brief small areas of steadier rain.
Notice the small pockets of heavier rain over central New Jersey. Most of the region will see lighter rain, or remain dry.
If you're tired of below average temperatures, you're in luck! While the temperatures warm to near average Sunday, they sky-rocket in the days following.
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Next Week: Instant Summer!
nMonday is forecast to hit 70. Tuesday looks to hit 80. By Wednesday and Thursday? Highs are forecast around the low 90s. That's WAY above average!
Compare the temperature anomaly from today to the temperature anomaly map from next Wednesday. The blue indicates much colder than average temperatures, the red indicated the exact opposite.
Today is much below the normal. Next Wednesday's map shows a much hotter scenario. The NBC10 Weather Team will keep you posted on any changes to this hot work week forecast in the days to come.
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