Glenn’s Blog: Memorial Day Weekend Forecast

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A warm Memorial Day weekend? Nope.
nA dry Memorial Day weekend? Forget it.
nBut it also won’t be a nasty, chilly washout, which has happened before. This year, we’re expecting more of a mixed bag, with temperatures a bit below normal. And the onshore winds guarantee that the Jersey Shore and Delaware Beaches will be MUCH cooler than they were Friday. With an ocean temperature of only 60 degrees, the sea breezes should keep the beach areas in the 60s.
Ray Leichner
nA small, but strong system will be racing our way from the Chicago area. The fact that it is small and moving rapidly will limit the amount of time it would rain.nHere is a high-resolution computer model forecast, valid at 2 p.m. Saturday:
It’s a relatively small area of showers, so not everyone will see rain. And if you do, it probably won’t last very long. By 6 p.m., the system has moved offshore, meaning our entire area is dry. So, if you get some rain during the day, you can wait until later in the day for dry weather.
nWe should be between weather systems, so it’s the most likely day for us to stay dry. But with winds coming off the ocean, and a lot of cloudiness, temperatures shouldn’t get much above 70 degrees. Of course, it would be even cooler at the shore-more like mid-60s.
nA bigger system will be moving in, making it the day most likely to see rain. The timing shows that the best time for rain is in the morning to midday hours, with clearing in the afternoon. Here is the map for 11 a.m. Monday:
That’s when the core of the system will be on top of us, according to this computer model. So, like Saturday, if you wait it out, you may be able to enjoy outdoor activities later in the day.
With southerly winds, it should be the warmest day of the weekend. Some areas could get a bit above 80 degrees. But it will still be much cooler at the beaches.
We’ll continue to provide updates throughout the weekend. Enjoy!
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