Girls: He Tricked Us Into Sex With Tarot Cards

Having sex would ward off bad luck fortune reader allegedly told teens

A Philadelphia man's accused of using Tarot cards and mysticism to lure three teenage girls into having sex with him.

"He was reading my cards and told me that I wasn't on a good path and that I had to do these things called 'five' and 'seven' to make things better," a 15-year old testified in court Wednesday.

She told jurors that Hector Ayala, 59, tricked her into having sex with him by convincing her that it would get rid of any bad luck and help her wishes come true, according to The Daily News.

Ayala, who was a family friend, read her Tarot cards when she was 13 and told her he saw misfortune in her future, but he could take care of that by performing oral sex on her.

"I kept thinking, 'Is this rape? Is this rape?' " she testified. "I thought, 'No, it wouldn't be, because he cares about me.' "

The teen said Ayala told her if she thought of things she wanted while he performed oral sex on her, she would get those things. The girl said her home life at the time was "getting complicated" and after mulling over Ayala's proposal for several months, she relented.

Then Ayala told her it was only a temporary fix for good fortune, she told jurors.

"He told me that I needed to do seven [vaginal intercourse] for it to be a complete job," the teen testified.

Once again she thought it over for several months and then had intercourse with Ayala, she said.

She is the third teen to testify against Ayala. He's charged with rape, aggravated sex assault and related offenses. Two 16-year olds testified that Ayala abused them for years. One told jurors Ayala convinced her that having sex with him would lift a curse on her family. The other 16-year old testified that he lured her into sex after reading her fortune.

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