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Girl Searches for Minnie Mouse Doll Who Helped Her Through Surgeries

A girl who underwent 40 surgeries is seeking the public's help in finding her beloved missing doll that's accompanied her through numerous hospital visits

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UPDATE: The girl's mother confirmed Tuesday that her daughter found her doll. Updated story here.

What to Know

  • Bryanna Ramirez of Levittown is seeking the public's help in finding her Minnie Mouse doll after she misplaced the toy while eating at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Trevose with her family on Saturday.
  • Bryanna, who was born with a brain and connective tissue disorder, has had the doll with her during dozens of hospital visits.
  • Bensalem Police are helping with the search. The Chick-fil-A is offering a $250 reward and free food for a year to the family of anyone who finds and returns the doll.

Bryanna Ramirez’s Minnie Mouse doll is more than just a cute toy. For the 13-year-old Levittown girl, Minnie is a beloved companion that’s helped her get through dozens of hospital visits.

Bryanna was born with a brain and connective tissue disorder that’s required 40 operations. Her Minnie Mouse doll has been with her for almost every single one. Now she’s seeking the public’s help in finding the doll.

Bryanna had the doll with her as she ate at a Chick-fil-A restaurant with her family around 6 p.m. Saturday in Trevose, Pennsylvania. At some point however, she misplaced her.

“I was thinking I left her in the car at first,” Bryanna told NBC10.

When she didn’t see Minnie in the car, Bryanna and her family searched back inside the restaurant but didn’t see her there either.

“It was very emotional, to know what the kid went through with all these operations. This thing went with her through every operation," Missy Shapcott, a Chick-fil-A employee, told NBC10 while fighting back tears.

Shapcott searched through 12 trash bags but couldn't find the doll.

“I looked under the benches where they were sitting," Shapcott said. "I looked all through the playhouse. Inside the playhouse and then on the back we have things that we store. We pulled everything out of there. Nothing was there."

Employees, both on-duty and off, as well as customers, all joined in the search and even moved furniture.

Staff members also posted flyers with pictures of the doll which is well-worn, has a pink shirt, pink shoes and a pink bow. The doll has also had a number of rubber bands around her ear and the markings of a hand brace that matched Bryanna's when she was younger.

The doll is no longer manufactured, making her irreplaceable. Bryanna’s mother posted a picture of the doll on her Facebook that has been seen tens of thousands of times by users from as far as Great Britain. Bensalem Police are also working on finding Minnie.

A photo of the missing doll.

“Hopefully they can see this or find my mom on Facebook and hopefully bring her here,” Bryanna said.

Anyone who has or finds the doll should call Bensalem Police at 215-633-3719. No charges will be filed and no questions will be asked.

You can also drop the doll off at Bensalem Police headquarters on 2400 Byberry Road in Bensalem or the Chick-fil-A on 3621 Horizon Boulevard in Trevose, Pennsylvania. The restaurant is offering a $250 reward and free food for a year to the family of whoever returns her.

"Please help me find my doll," Bryanna said. "She means everything to me."

Correction: NBC10 initially reported Bryanna was set to undergo her 40th surgery this week. The article has been updated to reflect that Bryanna already had her 40th surgery and her next surgery has not yet been scheduled.

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