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Young Girl Raises Money for Atlantic City Officer Injured in Shooting

A young South Jersey girl is doing her part to help an Atlantic City police officer who continues to recover from a gunshot wound.

Addison Kuppel, 9, of Galloway Township, New Jersey, began selling lemonade to raise money for Officer Joshlee Vadell.

Vadell, a nine-year veteran of the police force, was shot while trying to thwart a robbery in Atlantic City over the weekend. Vadell’s partner returned fire and struck and killed a robbery suspect, according to investigators.

Vadell underwent surgery and his condition was upgraded to stable Monday.
Addison’s mother Sarah Kuppel, of Galloway Township, told NBC10 she recently began working in Atlantic City and talked to her daughter about the shooting. After she asked Addison whether she’d like to donate money to Officer Vadell’s gofundme page, the young girl decided to set up a lemonade stand.

Addison began selling lemonade Monday on Leeds Point Road in Galloway Township. Her first customer was her uncle, Scott Kuppel, a marine and head chef at Oyster Creek Inn Restaurant in Leeds Point. After Kuppel shared photos of his niece selling the lemonade, he caught the attention of the Galloway Township Police Department. Galloway Township officers then showed up at the lemonade stand and posted photos on their Facebook page.

Addison has raised $250 for Officer Vadell so far and the fundraising has just begun. She plans on selling pasta and meatballs Tuesday with her brother Noah at the same location.

CLICK HERE if you would like to donate to Officer Vadell’s gofundme page.

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