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Get Ready to Grub: Camden Approves Food Trucks in 7 Spots

Camden's new ordinance will allow for seven food truck licenses to be obtained, allowing vendors to operate in certain parts of the city like the Camden Waterfront

Good news for food truck owners and foodies in the Camden area: Camden City Council is adopting a food truck ordinance, bringing new business to areas like the Camden Waterfront.

The new law kicks off a pilot program where seven food truck licenses will be given out for use in certain locations around the city, the mayor's office said.

The properly licensed food trucks will be able to operate and serve people in the Camden Business District and the specified areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic, the city said.

These locations will be permanent:

  • Federal Street at 5th Street
  • Second Street at Cooper Street
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard at Broadway
  • Park Boulevard between Kaighn Avenue and Baird Boulevard
  • Federal Street between 30th and 33rd Streets
  • Morgan Boulevard at 9th Street
  • Waterfront area

Other areas as deemed appropriate by the director will be permitted as well, the mayor's office said.

Food truck and bicycle vendors have until June 23 to apply for the food truck license. Only seven will be provided during the pilot program.

Read details on the city council's selection process for the license and find the application for both peddler and mobile vendors here.

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