Top 5 Germiest Places to Avoid During Flu Season

You might want to think twice before touching certain surfaces. Here is a list of the top places and items to avoid this flu season.

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Preventing the spread of germs is crucial as nearly half of the U.S. reports widespread cases of the flu. While, vaccinations are a key line of defense, there are also some germ-ridden places and items you should avoid touching.
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All drivers need fuel in the tank to run their cars. Protect yourself from germ-ridden nozzles by wrapping a paper towel around it. If you're using a card to pay, use the paper towel to punch in your information, as well.
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Carry a pen everywhere you go. Whether you're at work, a bank or signing a receipt, public pens are contaminated with other people's germs.
Philadelphia Business Journal
Don't be afraid to reject handshakes during flu season. If the situation is unavailable, wash or sanitize your hands immediately after.
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People are constantly using their phones. Cut down on spreading germs by wiping your phone down with a disinfecting wipe. That way, when showing your friends pictures or videos, they don't contract germs.
Even sick people need cash! AFC rates ATM machines as the most germ-ridden place to avoid this flu season. You can prevent transferring germs to your body by using a knuckle to punch numbers instead of your fingertips.
Another suggestion from the AFC includes wiping down frequently touched surfaces (keyboards, door knobs, etc.) at work, especially if someone is ill.
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