Gay Couple Sues Attackers Over 2014 Beating in Philadelphia

Two gay men beaten by a group in Philadelphia are suing three of their attackers. 

A lawsuit filed Tuesday names attackers Kevin Harrigan, Kathryn Knott and Philip Williams. It seeks unspecified damages. 

The lawsuit says victim Andrew Haught suffered a fractured jaw and broken orbital bone in the 2014 attack. It says victim Zachary Hesse suffered cuts and bruises. 

Harrigan and Williams pleaded guilty last year to assault and conspiracy charges and were sentenced to probation. 

Knott was convicted of simple assault and other misdemeanors. She's serving five to 10 months in jail

The plaintiffs' lawyer says the three attackers may not have been served with the lawsuit. 

Harrigan hasn't returned a call seeking comment. Williams doesn't appear to have a listed phone number. 

Knott can't be reached for comment in jail but has apologized to the victims. 

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