Gas Attendant Pumps Some Motorists Twice

They got the gas they wanted, but some folks who recently fueled up at a Millville, N.J. Wawa gas station ended up paying at the pump twice and might not even know it, police told NBC 10 News Tuesday.

Gasoline attendant Robert Smith, 19, double-swiped customers’ credit and debit cards several times at the store on North Second Street between April 8 and 15, police said.

It was a scheme in which Smith would process one customer’s card for another who paid cash, according to investigators. Smith then pocketed the money, police said.

“What we see in these cases is that someone may not find out they’re a victim until they get their monthly statement,” said Millville Police Chief Ed Grennon.

At this point, the fraudulent transactions total $345 but detectives are still gathering details in the case, Grennon said.

There is a lesson to be learned by anyone using a card to fuel up in New Jersey.

If you use a card to pay for gas it’s crucial that you get it back right away, said Grennon.

“If you see someone swipe your card and then walk away from you, you should call their attention and have them come back to you and return your card immediately. There’s no reason for them to go anywhere else with your card,” he said.

Police issued Smith a summons. He is charged with credit card fraud. He was then released.

No one answered the door at Smith's Millville home when NBC 10 News went there Tuesday afternoon.

Wawa discovered the fraud through its own internal reporting system then alerted police, company spokeswoman Lori Bruce said.

Smith was fired, according to Bruce, who also said Wawa is confident the crime was not widespread.

Outside the store, Wawa customer Melissa Long said she’s sticking with cash.

“[The double-swiping] is bad. I’ve never used my credit card at the pump, just for that reason,” she said.

Investigators want to hear from anyone who may have been double charged.

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