Funeral Service Held for Building Collapse Victim

A funeral was held today for one of the victims of the deadly Center City building collapse.

Borbor Davis, 68, was one of the six people who died when a four-story building came down on top of a two-story building which housed a Salvation Army Thrift Store back on June 5. Davis was an employee at the thrift store on 2136 Market Street.

Davis had just hung up the phone with his wife 15 minutes before the collapse.

"10:30 he put the phone down, I put the phone in my pocket, I ran upstairs, I said bye, he said bye and he went. 10:45, my daughter called me and said, 'Mom, turn the TV on," turned the tv on and it was bad," said Maggie Davis, his wife.

"I took out my phone right away and called him, he didn't answer me, and we had just put the phone down 15 minutes, so I call him again and I been calling him, he never answered," said Davis.

Davis was a Liberian immigrant, and his family says he loved working at the Salvation Army.

"He was kind and polite, he was very loving, he's a Christian, he loved everybody, he never missed his job, never missed a day, he had 160 sick days and he didn't take any, he was very healthy, he goes to church every Sunday, he was nice," said Davis.

"They looked so good together," said his stepdaughter Maryann M. Mason, who says Davis loved her mom "so much."

A viewing for Davis took place at 9 a.m. at the Faith Immanuel Lutheran Church on 65 Penn Boulevard in East Lansdowne. Funeral services followed at 10 a.m.

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