Fumo's Future in Jury's Hands

Vince Fumo’s future is now in the hands of 12 men and women.

The former Pa. state senator, often described as one of the most powerful men in the state, looked exhausted at the end of a six month long trial. His defense attorney, Dennis Cogan, finished closing arguments Wednesday at federal court in Center City Philly. He asked the jury to give Fumo back what’s left of his life.

Fumo was charged with 139 counts of alleged corruption stemming from dealings with his South Philly non-profit, Citizens Alliance for Political and Personal Gain.

In his closing argument, Fumo’s lawyer, urged the jury to look closer at the evidence and said if any of the fraud charges had been brought up individually, a jury would look at it and think prosecutors were nuts.

Cogan called the government’s case, “guilt by accumulation.”

“You see him now brought low, you see him now exactly the way the government wants you to see him. They have demonized this man. They have done everything they could possibly do,” Cogan said during closing arguments.

Later, Robert Zauzmer, the prosecuting attorney for the feds said what Fumo did was not a victimless crime in his rebuttal. He said that it hurt all the people who are taxpayers in Pennsylvania.

Zauzmer also made the point that although Fumo is credited with bringing a lot of money and business into the city as a senator, that it’s his job and does not excuse the fraud.

Deliberations begin Thursday.

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