Feuding Ice Cream Truck Drivers Told to Chill

The men are accused of trying to run each other off the road.

Police are hoping that the threat of losing their permits will be enough to thaw the frosty relationship of two Pennsylvania ice cream truck drivers accused of attempting to run each other off the road.

According to the wife of one of the Uniontown ice cream truck drivers, another ice cream vender tried to run her husband off the road on Hortense Street, reports the Herald-Standard.

The accused driver has a different story. According to that man, he was the one run off the road. He also told police that in attempt to say hello, he was greeted with an expletive, according to the paper.

”I talked with both drivers and instructed then that if the incidents continue, the city will have to explore revoking their permits,” Patrolman Thomas Kolencik told the Herald-Standard.

No charges were filed.


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