Good Samaritans Save 2 People and Dog After They Fall Through Ice on Frozen Pond in Delaware

The two people and the dog are all in stable condition.

Good Samaritans rescued two people and a dog after they fell through ice on a frozen pond in Wilmington, Delaware, Sunday.

Investigators say the dog spotted geese on the frozen pond at Carousel Park off Limestone Road around 11:30 a.m. The dog chased after the geese and after running around 20 feet out on the pond, fell through the ice. Two people nearby went out onto the pond to try and rescue the dog but fell through the ice as well.

Witnesses nearby used a flotation ring and rope to rescue the two people and the dog. Both people were conscious and alert but also cold, wet and showing early signs of hypothermia when police arrived. They were both taken to the hospital in stable condition. 

The dog was also taken to an animal hospital and is listed as stable.

The incident was the second water rescue at Carousel Park this month. On Jan. 18, a man and his dogs fell through the ice. The man threw his dogs to safety but had to be rescued by responding firefighters.

Mill Creek Fire Company firefighter Tyler Bailey told NBC10 the pond appears frozen but the ice is thin.

"People just need to keep their dogs on a leash because they'll see a goose or tennis balls," he said. "And they'll just go right in the water."

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