From Typical Students to Global Humanitarians

Sixth graders sell personalized water for a good cause

Every Thursday morning a group of sixth graders at Green Valley Elementary in Sinking Spring, PA go from being typical students to global humanitarians.

“People say you can’t change the world, but you can if you try. And that’s what we’re gonna do,” said student Mackenzie Klee.

The students created their own business by selling personally designed bottles of water to help give kids in Africa safe water to drink.

The project, called “Help 2 Others,” has a mission to raise enough money to buy a water pump for providing drinking water to communities in third world countries.

“Most problems with kids dying is 88% not washing hands and not having sanitation for living day to day,” said sixth grader Hanna Larkin.

“They’re dying just because of that and we want to change that,” added student Adam Bowers.

One pump costs $14,000, which means the kids are going to have to sell a lot of water – 540 cases to be exact. One bottle of water costs $1.00 or $20.00 for a case.

“If we give them water, they won’t have to die of diseases that are curable,” said Klee.

Teachers Tim Flick, Melissa Harris and Deborah Kerschner are providing guidance, but said it’s the kids who are doing most of the work -- designing a website, making posters and even targeting local businesses to sell their product.

“They’re enthusiasm is great, its infectious,” said Flick.

The students don’t intend to stop after raising the money for one pump. They want to keep selling and buy more pumps as the years go on.

“This is going to change the world, this is going to change the world,” said Bowers.

To learn how you can help the students and their cause, visit their website.

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