Cowboys’ Fan Eats Words; Free Cheesesteaks at South Philly Shop

The Eagles crushed the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving -- a big win for Birds fans and cheesesteak lovers as the owner of a South Philly steak shop promised to give away free grub if his favorite team -- the Cowboys -- lost Thursday.

Anthony Renzulli, the owner of Atney's Grub, gave away free food from 1 to 3 p.m. Friday. Word of the gratis grub surfaced earlier this week during a sports talk show on 94.1 WYSP. 

Located on Oregon Avenue between Broad and 13th streets, Atney's Grub gave the free cheesesteaks to any walk-up customers. The free sandwiches are not available through delivery.

Workers anticipated giving away about 500 free cheesesteaks during the two-hour stint.

As for Atney's owner -- Renzulli remains a Cowboys fan despite the team's Thanksgiving Day whooping.

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