Four Confirmed Cases of Zika Virus in Montgomery County, Officials Say in Announcing Preventative Steps

Zika Vaccine

Four people in Montgomery County have been confirmed infected with the Zika virus, the county said at the monthly Board of Commissioners meeting Thursday.

All of the cases have been deemed "travel related," meaning the patients were infected while traveling outside of Montgomery County, officials said. In Pennsylvania, 74 cases of the Zika virus has been confirmed as of Monday, the Department of Health said.

The county said it is providing free Zika Prevention Kits to residents and health inspectors will investigate any reports of standing water on private property.

The public can call and report standing water that appears unattended on vacant land or in front or backyards of residences. If inspectors find standing water that needs to be addressed, the county will give property owners five days to take care of the issue.

County spokeswoman Lorie Slass said she did not immediately have total inspections of standing water this year, but added that she was not aware of any property owners who did not address the issue within the time allotted by the county after an initial warning.

For more information about Zika, go to the Montgomery County Department of Health website.

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