Foster Child Beat Woman, Son With Hammer: Police

Family member found the bloody victims unconscious inside their home

The former foster son of an elderly Delaware woman is accused of brutally beating her and her grown son.

Lily Walker, 78, and her 58-year-old son Arnold were found bludgeoned and unconscious inside their home along W. 39th Street in Wilmington just after 8 a.m. Friday, police say.

A family member who stopped by to cook the woman and son breakfast made the gruesome discovery and called for help, police say. Both victims were rushed to Christiana Hospital in critical condition.

Shortly after the Walkers were taken to the hospital, police say they identified a person-of-interest in the case – the family's former foster child Isaiah.

Isaiah, 20, was later stopped by police and arrested after being spotted driving the victim's car. He was eventually charged with two counts of Attempted Murder in the First Degree, two counts of Possession of a Deadly Weapon and Burglary in the First Degree among others.

Investigators believe Isaiah used a hammer to beat Lily and Arnold Walker before stealing their car.

Dorothy Baker, Lily's sister, says the foster child was barred from visiting the family after they had a number of problems with him.

"He was forbidden to come here…because he stole the car before and did several other things before and wasn't allowed to come here," Baker told NBC Philadelphia.

A protection order was later filed against him in May 2009, according to authorities.

Baker says Arnold moved into his mother's home two years ago after she suffered a stroke and was bound to a wheelchair. He later suffered a stroke himself, but was able to move around.

Isaiah Walker is being held without bail at this time, police say.

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