Former Temple University Police Officers Guilty in Beating Death of Philadelphia Woman

Two former Temple University campus police officers are guilty of tying up a Philadelphia woman and beating her to death in front of a young child, a Philadelphia judge ruled Wednesday.

The grisly murder of 24-year-old Joyce Quaweay happened nearly two years ago in Germantown.

At the time of her death, Quaweay was dating Aaron Wright, a 49-year-old former Temple campus police officer. He was found guilty of third-degree murder, aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit murder in the death of  at the home she shared with him.

Marquis Robinson, 43, was also found guilty in Quaweay's death. He was living with Wright and Quaweay. Wright's four children were home at the time of the murder and one of them ultimately led to the men's conviction, according to assistant district attorney Chesley Lightsey. 

"The facts in this case were some of the most brutal I have ever seen," she told NBC10.

Wright and Robinson handcuffed Quaweay to a bench, stripped her naked and beat her with a police baton over the course of several hours in August 2016, according to Lightsey.

"She ultimately died of heart failure because her heart was working so hard through the panic that she just collapsed," Lightsey said. "All of this was done in front of a 10-year-old child who was home at the time."

That little girl testified on Wednesday that she, too, had been beaten in the same way in front of her little sister, Lightsey said. The case only lasted three days. Wright and Robinson will be sentenced in July.

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