No, Mr. Neulander

A setback for former Rabbi Fred Neulander's appeal

No, Mr. Neulander, that was wishful thinking.

Fred Neulander's attorneys won't get access to records from the investigation into his wife's murder.

If the Neulander name vaguely rings a bell, he's the former South Jersey Rabbi who hired two men to murder his wife so he could carry on an affair with a woman he counseled, then courted at his synagogue. His attorneys asked for the records during a "post conviction relief" hearing on Friday. They are trying again to appeal his murder-for-hire conviction. A Judge turned down the request for those records. Neulander was not in court for the hearing.

Carol Neulander was killed inside her Cherry Hill home in 1994. She was on the phone with daughter when she answered a knock at the door. The two men said they knew her husband so she let them in. One smashed her skull with a pipe. The other continued to beat her to make sure she was dead.

Fred Neulander came home from his synagogue that night to find Carol in a pool of blood and made a frantic call to 9-1-1.

The news of her murder stunned people in the community. Neulander was a well-liked and very charismatic man, although there were consistent rumblings about his attraction to other women.

Neulander was tried twice. The first trial ended with a hung jury. Two of the couple's children testified against their father. He was ultimately convicted and sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.

The two hit men are also serving time for her murder.

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