Footing the Bill: Crumbling Sidewalks Have Cost $17 Million in Injury Settlements for Philadelphia Taxpayers in Last 3 Years

Sidewalks in Philadelphia have proven to be a costly expense — in far-reaching ways beyond pouring new concrete. Here's a look at some of the numerous trouble spots that have led to injury claims against the city.

Those uneven, cracked, sometimes water-swamped sidewalks on certain Philadelphia blocks have taken their tolls physically on people who hurt themselves over the years while walking down the street.

Those faulty, occasionally dangerous walkways are hurting everyone in Philadelphia, it turns out.

Numerous claims filed in recent years have led to settlements in excess of $17 million, paid out by the City of Philadelphia, according to an NBC10 Investigators analysis of public records.

If you live in Philadelphia, you've probably seen them or even walked over them: crumbling sidewalks. NBC10 Investigative Reporter Mitch Blacher found that millions of taxpayer dollars go toward those sidewalks — to settle injury-related claims.

Many stretches have proved dangerous. Here's a look at several of the sidewalks cited in cases and visited by NBC10 in recent weeks. As the map shows, it's a problem that appears across Philadelphia. 

The commissioner of the city Streets Department said in an interview that more resources are needed to address all the cracks and leaky conditions leading to slip-and-falls. But he added that the city is constantly working to address dangerous conditions to pedestrians. 

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