Food in Exchange for Fat

Wegmans is turning one man’s loss into a win for people in need. They are donating 18,000 pounds of food in Ben Miller's name.

Last year Miller set out to lose 230 pounds-- At the time he weighed 460 pounds.  The Allentown man’s determination to lose weight inspired Wegmans to pay it forward.

Wegmans is just one of several sponsors who will participate in the “Donate My Weight” program.

They have promised to donate a truckload of food to Second Harvest Food Bank when Miller makes it halfway to his goal.  He has not yet reached 115 pounds of weight loss but Wegmans today will donate 18,000 pounds of food on Miller’s behalf.

The donation will include non-perishable items including cereal, canned food, juice, condiments and baking ingredients.

Miller was in the media spotlight last year when he promised to donate a pound of food for each pound he lost. Miller is still receiving national attention. He was recently featured on the Rachel Ray Show.

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