Deanna Durante

Food Fight: Legal Sparring Among Tony Luke's Family Could Threaten Cheesesteak Empire

A squabble over money is playing out in court now and threatening a multi-million-dollar Philly cheesesteak empire.

Tony Luke’s is at the center of the battle. Family members have filed mutual lawsuits, each claiming the other is in the wrong. The legal fight is over franchising issues. Tony Lucidonio Jr., known better as “Tony Jr.,” who has long since been the face of the operation and runs a number of Tony Luke’s franchises through separate agreements, is being accused by his father and brother of breaching contracts and owing them more than $3 million.

Legal issues related to the suits could potentially threaten the famous cheesesteak shop.

Tony Jr. expressed his regret over the lawsuits – and the fact that the feud is playing out publicly. He told NBC10’s Deanna Durante he was devastated by the suits and thanked customers for standing by him and his family.

In an emailed statement, Paul Rosen, an attorney for Tony Jr., said they don't understand "why Tony Luke Sr. is having any issue of making more money than he ever made before."

Rosen continued to say that the suit is "a result of pure greed and ego" and that Tony Sr. has made millions of dollars off Tony Luke's.

Customers who stopped by Tony Luke’s flagship shop at Front Street and Oregon Avenue in South Philly today said they’d stay loyal to the Philly mainstay regardless of the outcome.

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