Someone Steals Flyers Stanley Cup Ring

The daughter of former Flyers' defenseman Joe Watson says a Stanley Cup ring given to her as a present has been stolen from her Center City Philadelphia apartment.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports 35-year-old Heidi Watson says the ring commemorating the Flyers' 1974 championship was taken in a burglary at her apartment on the 1700 block of Spruce Street in the ritzy Rittenhouse Square neighborhood on Monday.

"I came home to my apartment Monday around five o’clock to find that my apartment had been burglarized. The police officers did very good; they came in and finger-printed and secured the apartment," Heidi Watson said.

"It wasn't until they asked me to come in to see if I could identify what was missing that I saw my jewelry strewn all over the bed and noticed that the velvet box I keep it in was empty."

The diamond-encrusted pinkie ring was given to each player's wife to celebrate the Stanley Cup victory. Heidi Watson, a nurse, says her mother gave it to her as a present when she graduated college.

She says the ring is priceless for the family.

"It’s of sentimental value to me and my family. It’s a special keepsake. I’m hopeful that someone with some compassion will find it and return it back to me," she said.

Joe Watson, part of the feared Watson Brothers combo with his younger sibling Jimmy that one back-to-back Stanley Cups in the 1970s, played 11 seasons with the team and now works in its marketing department.

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