Florida Man Reunites Lost Upper Darby High School Diploma With Owner's Family

A piece of family history is back with its rightful owners

The son of a World War II veteran was reunited with his father’s lost high school diploma through the power of social media.

Last week, Claudio Alvarado, from Ponte Verda Beach, Florida, posted a photo on Instagram of an Upper Darby High School diploma from 1930 belonging to Francis Albert DiGiovanni. 

He hoped to return the relic to its owner or his family.

Alvarado found the diploma in the parking lot at the Summer House Condominiums in Ponte Vedra in 2013, he said. He recently rediscovered the relic in his house while moving some items.

After his post gained traction on social media and through news coverage, David DiGiovanni came forward to reclaim the nearly century old diploma which belonged to his father. He died from cancer in 1970 when David was 16.

"My dad was an awesome character. He was kind of a free spirit, but also very responsible and a great father figure. Everything revolved around respect and understanding the value of 'please and thank you'," David DiGiovanni said.

He is excited to add the diploma back to a box of his father’s belongings, which includes a collection of coins he made during his time with the Merchant Marines in World War II.

"I have it in a special place, and it won’t get lost again," DiGiovanni said.

Both Alvarado and DiGiovanni plan to stay in contact moving forward.

"My wife and I invited him out to dinner as a courtesy because it was very great that he found it. He’s a good guy and I have a new friend," DiGiovanni said.

Alvarado shared photos and video of the special moment on Instagram, Friday saying in a caption, "It was a blessing to return the 1930’s Diploma to its rightful owner:"

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