Florida Man Seeks Family of Upper Darby High School Grad After Finding Decades-Old Diploma

Claudio Alvarado

A North Florida man is trying to reunite the family of an Upper Darby High School graduate with what appears to be the man's high school diploma.

Dated June 12, 1930, the diploma was presented to Francis Albert DiGiovanni.

Claudio Alvarado said he found the diploma in the parking lot at the Summer House Condominiums in Ponte Vedra, Florida in 2013. He recently rediscovered the relic in his house while moving some items.

Alvarado posted a picture of the diploma Tuesday, on Instagram hoping to return it to the owner, who would be in his 100s if still living, or his family. NBC10 searched online obituaries for DiGiovanni's name but found no results.

"It will a blessing to be able to return this piece of history to its owner," Alvarado said.

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